Moisturizing Face Cleanser with Honey and Essential Oils

Moisturizing Face Cleanser with Honey and Essential Oils

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I have created a clean skincare line with products that I trust and a premium essential oil that offers amazing benefits to your skin.

I discovered this recipe and fell in love with how great my skin looked and felt after using it. 

Our 8oz cleanser works at removing make-up, dirt, and bacteria from your skin without striping it of natural oils. This product is good for up to 1 year. 

Acne, blemish fighting ingredients that won't dry out your skin leaving you with unwanted dry patches. Aloe naturally helps sooth skin and calm inflammation.


For best results use our serums followed by our moisturizer. 


Castile Soap


Organic Aloe Vera

Distilled water

Organic Jojoba Oil 

100% pure Orange Essential Oil


TO USE: 1-2 pumps to wash face day and night. Follow with face serum and moisturizer.


***These products are not FDA approved and we are not responsible if you do not achieve the same results. These products have been tested by myself and a small group of people. We recommend that you start with a small patch test to make sure there are no reactions to any of the oils. Also, any products that include citrus oils will make your skin sensitive to the sun. Apply at night to avoid this. We are not responsible for any reactions or misuse of the products***