Moody Questions

What are your candles made of?
My candle ingredients are purchased from a company who uses quality ingredients and focus on being environmentally friendly. The products are shipped to me and I make them from there. I avoid using added chemicals in order to keep them as natural and healthy as possible. My candles consist of 3 things, a high quality wax blend that is paraffin and soy, an oil blend that consists of essential oils/or artificial oil and love. Thats it! Look for key words in the description in order to see which candles are purely essential oils and which ones are not.
 What makes your candles different from others?
My candles have a burn time of up to 90 hours for a reasonable price and it will fill up your entire room. I started making candles because I was tired of buying candles that would burn out after using them a few times and spending a fortune on them. My candles are all natural and are filled with quality ingredients that you will love.
What do I do when the wick gets too small?
Simply just take a spoon and scoop one spoonful out in order to revive the wick.
What do I do if the wick gets too long?
If the wick gets too large trim the wick down to a 3/4" in order to contain the flame to a reasonable length to avoid a fire hazard and to maximize the burn time of your candle.
What do I do if the oil starts to separate from my candle?
Since I use natural products and a lot of essential oils with no added chemicals; the oils sometimes separate from the candle. This is natural and candle companies use a chemical additive in order to stop this from happening, since it is not necessary I do not use it. Once you light your candle again it will mix back into the candle. Other candle companies use wax that contains chemicals in order to avoid this from happening. You can also take a stick and stir your candle if it is fully melted while it is burning.
What is the maximum length of time I should burn a candle at any given time?
You should only burn a candle for up to 4 hours at a time in order to have a clean melting pool and to allow a maximum burn life of your candle.