DIY Candle Bags

Inexpensive ways to light up your party


Good morning! I thought it would be fun to post a DIY for an inexpensive way to add outdoor decorations with candles in four simple steps! Candle bags are a cost-effective way to light up your driveway during a party or even your backyard to create the right ambiance! You can also personalize the bags to say things such as Happy Birthday, Happy 50th Anniversary or Welcome.

What you need:

-Paper bags (you can use any size, however, I used sandwich bags)

-Tea light candles or any smaller candle jar (I used our 4oz candle tins)

-Scissors or punches

1. Start by taking out the number of bags you need. I made 5.

2. Decide what you want the bags to say or the design you want to put on them. There are many cutouts available like stars, hearts, swirls and you can find them in the scrap booking isle at your local craft store. I chose to cut out Moody with a few hearts.

3. Make the design of your choice on all the bags

4. Put your candle in the bag, place it where you want it and light the candle! It’s as simple as that! You now have an inexpensive way to light your home for any occasion

I first was introduced to candle bags when I was planning our wedding last year. We used them to light up the dark walkway from the backyard to the bathrooms that we had delivered out front. It was a wonderful way to keep the romance of the wedding as well as the right ambiance that provided enough light to guide our guests without anyone falling or hitting their head on the ac unit that was on the side of the house!