Why I started Moody Aromas

I get asked a lot of questions about my life and why I started Moody Aromas: Where am I from? Where did the name Moody Aromas come from? Do you yourself enjoy candles? First, if someone dedicates their life to making, promoting and selling candles or anything then you must love it. Secondly, I hear everyone talking about how much they love blogging so I figured that I would give it a try and address all the questions in a public place for everyone to read for themselves.

I started this company because I am a candle lover myself and I was disappointed in the quality of candles that are found in the stores these days. You spend top dollar for candles, you don’t know what kind of chemicals or ingredients they are using in them and they DON’T fill your house with that scent you fell in love with when you first smelt the candle. So I decided that I wanted to make a quality candle with as little ingredients as possible for an affordable price.

Moody Aromas started off as StandOut2FitIn. The name didn’t make any sense to begin with but I wanted to start selling my handmade candles at First Friday as Christmas was nearing and I had already spent months searching for a name that wasn’t already taken. I got frustrated and I settled. This is something that I strongly advise against doing because you waste so much time doing what I did, branding, advertising and building clientele for a brand name that you are not 100% in love with. I was working a full time job that I was good at, but wasn’t passionate about and I found that making candles was a great way to relax and was something that I found happiness in.

I knew I was onto something when the same customers came back each month looking for my candles. That was the moment that I decided I wanted to make a business out of this and create an online store. I stumbled upon Moody Aromas when my Aunt and I were hanging out drinking our favorite blend of Pinot Noir throwing out ideas of what my business could be until it hit us. I immediately fell I love with the name and everything else fell into place. Moody Aromas is run by me, Kalynn Frechette, and it is based out of my home in Phoenix Arizona.

Through trial and error with a few different companies, I created the perfect recipe for a long-lasting, quality candle that is eco-friendly and that carries a strong throw. Since I am candle lover myself it was very important that the candle fill any room that it was faced with. Many candles are blended with essential oils to help maintain the clean, healthy smells. The wicks are also chemical free and made of cotton and have no trace of zinc unlike many of the leading candle companies. We have an online store where you can find over 50 moody scents to choose from and we are constantly adding new scents. We also keep the candles white so that we are not adding any unnecessary chemicals/dyes.

There will be more blogs to come so if you have any questions that you want answered please email me at moodyaromas@gmail.com and I will answer them in the next blog! 


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