Us Vs. Them

Us vs Them

Good morning! Today I'm going to do a comparison between Moody Aroma candles and your typical store-bought candles.  Most people I talk to are unaware of the ingredients that go into mass produced candles. Let's first clear up a few common myths:

This study was taken from The National Candle Association (  Moody Aroma candles are made with a soy/paraffin wax blend which is an eco-friendly and organic blend.  The soy reduces the black smoke and the paraffin allows the candle to maintain a strong throw throughout the life span of the candle. Here are the main differences between Moody Aroma candles and other leading brands:


  1. No coloring to keep them natural
  2. A difference you can feel. My wax is soft to the touch meaning no binding chemicals used
  3. The candle on the left didn't come close to filling my living room with the scent. Moody Aromas fills up any room it's challenged with
  4. Burn times differ. The store-bought candle was lit for 1 hour and I lost a solid 2 inches off the top. Moody Aromas candles barely take a hit after being lit for 4 hours as long as you keep the wick trimmed. 
  5. Each of Moody Aromas candles are hand poured and tested to make sure it is perfect for you.
  6. We use essential oils in almost all of the candles to keep them as healthy as possible.
  7. We 100% stand by our product so we offer a money back guarantee within 7 days if you are not in love with your candle. You can choose to get a refund or we will replace the candle with another one of your choice.


If you have any further questions please reach out to us via phone or email!



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