Bath and Body Works VS Moody Aromas

Bath and Body Works VS Moody Aromas

Spring Leaves vs Spring Rain

 Spring Leaves 3-Wick Candle - Bath And Body Works

Today I am going to compare Moody Aromas Spring Rain candle to the Bath and Body Works White Barn Spring Leaves candle. I chose to compare these two candles because Spring Rain is one of Moody Aromas most requested/ recommended candles and Spring Leaves by Bath and Body Works has a similar scent.

Well How Much Do They Cost?

Spring Leaves is no longer sold; however, I went off of the pricing that Bath and Body Works provided online for their 14.5oz candle selling at $22.50 in order to compare to Moody Aromas 16oz candle sold for $14.00.

Well How Is The Scent?

B&BW had a floral scent mixed with a hint of sweetness and apple. I didn’t get any crisp, earthy notes that I was expecting from a candle labeled Spring Leaves. When I lit this candle, I was hoping for more of the earthy, fresh spring scent. Spring Rain from Moody Aromas was a perfect blend of greenery, floral, and grapefruit that created the crispness. The Moody Aromas candle had everything that you would expect from a candle for spring.

What Is The Strength?

B&BW did fill up the room that it was in and Moody Aromas equally filled up the room. Moody Aromas had a slower burn time since it only had 1 wick compared to B&BW 3 wicks which I had to continuously trim the wicks to allow for a slower burn.

What Is The Value?

B&BW states that their 14.5oz candle will burn approximately 25-48 hours. If we compare it at a cost per hour burning it equates to $.50-$.90 per hour. The Moody Aromas candle burns for 60-90 hours for the 16oz Mason Jar. This comes out to $.23-$.16 per hour.

Are There Any Other Differences?

A few main differences between these two companies is that Moody Aromas is a small business which means the costs are lower because you are paying for the cost of a quality candle that is handmade versus B&BW you are paying for the candle, the store fronts as well as all the employees that they have.


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Kalynn Frechette

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